March 15th, 2011


santana lopez - these fragments i have shored against my ruins (oneshot)

Title: These Fragments I have Shored Against My Ruins
Character/Pairing: Santana Lopez (Santana/Brittany, Santana/Puck).
Summary: With Brittany it’s give and take instead of Santana giving and everybody else taking. So with everybody else Santana starts taking and giving to Brittany.
Rating: R
Word Count: 6,500
Spoilers: Everything up until episode 2x15: sexy.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Title and section headers from The Wasteland by TS Eliot. Any mistakes, especially in terms of lining up with canon, are mine, since I haven't really been paying attention to Glee until the last episode, and then only in terms of focusing on the greater development of Santana. And thanks a million time to hazyflights for reading it over and for all of her encouragement. I cannot tell you how much your kind words and response mean to me.

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