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Title: Here Comes the Rush Before
Pairing/Characters: Camila Cabello/Lauren Jauregui
Summary: The first time she really notices Lauren -- and Camila likes to think this distinction is important, as though maybe they walked by each other in the mall one day with their separate friends during the time when they lived separate lives -- they’re at Bootcamp. The X Factor fic.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 8,800
Disclaimer: I definitely fudged canon here, but even if I hadn't this would still be lies compounded by more lies. I own absolutely nothing and am not getting anything out of this except for joy -- and also embarrassment. Title comes from Tegan and Sara's "Closer." If you're Camila or Lauren or personally associated with them in any way I beg you to turn around and go back from whence you came.
Author Note: AHAHAHAHA. My life is in shambles. I would like to blame someone for this mess, and if I were to cast the first stones they'd be aimed at Sylvia and Tori, but I'm afraid I do not have the power to do so. Because I'm trying to take responsibility for my actions but also, I am a victim. Basically:

The basics, Camila knows, are boring.Collapse )
Title: Our Last Days as Children
Pairing/Characters: Julie, Tim
Summary: She didn’t know she was friends with Tim Riggins, but if it saves her ten bucks, Julie’s not going to complain.
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,200
Disclaimer: I don't own Friday Night Lights and the title comes from an the Explosions in the Sky song, which I also do not own (surprise!). Written for fleurlb for Yuletide.

Julie walks into Tim’s shop, asking how much an oil change is. Collapse )
Title: Your Bright Eyes Burn Through My Exploding Heart
Pairing/Characters: unrequited Lydia Martin/Allison Argent (side Scott/Allison and Lydia/Jackson)
Summary: She sees Allison and Lydia thinks, in this order, she should be my friend, and then, she's really pretty.
Rating: G
Word Count: 2,800
Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Wolf or else the finale would have gone very, very differently. Title from Bright Eyes's "Patient Hope in New Snow."

She sees Allison and Lydia thinks, in this order, she should be my friend, and then, she's really pretty.Collapse )
Title: Live from New York
Pairing/Characters: Ellen Page/Alia Shawkat
Summary: Alia says, “If your knees buckle I’ll catch you.” SNL AU.
Rating: R
Word Count: 5,800
Disclaimer: Like all RPF this is lies upon lies upon lies.
Author Note: So I'm not sure what this is except that I have wanted fic about these two for years (since Whip It!) and I stumbled across this interview the other day and knew I had to start taking this mission into my own hands. Because it's the cutest thing I have ever witnessed in my entire life. So, naturally, I decided to write an SNL AU? Where other cast members include Emma Stone, Rebel Wilson, Dev Patel, anyone I wanted to include etc.

Alia is on Saturday Night Live the season before Ellen gets the gig. Collapse )
Title: Let's Pretend It's Love
Pairing/Characters: Dan Gheesling/Janelle Pierzina
Summary: Dan turns his head to look at her. He thinks about how this could feel like they’re in the game again, lying in the arcade room and trying to distract themselves from a competition or nomination ceremony. Except it doesn’t feel like that at all. In the house you can always tell you’re trying to distract yourself, from the game or from boredom or from missing home. But they’re not doing that now. Big Brother 14 AU.
Rating: R
Word Count: 3,100
Disclaimer: This is extremely untrue and I am not getting anything out of it except, possibly, shame. Title from One Direction's "Live While We're Young." Clearly we all know the state my life is in.

Second place isn’t so bad.Collapse )
Title: Baby I'm a Renegade
Pairing/Characters: Dan Gheesling/Janelle Pierzina
Summary: She looks at the board, moves her knight. “Checkmate.” Big Brother 14 AU.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 10,500
Disclaimer: This is all lies. I also do not own anything. But mostly the lies part.
Author's Note: I don't want to talk about it.
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Janelle has been on the show twice.Collapse )
Title: Heading For the Sky
Pairing/Characters: Tori Vega/Andre Harris
Summary: Tori loves it, her heart beating in time with the music, looking across the small stage and seeing Andre there, smiling and harmonizing. She feels like it’s really a step in the right direction, starts to think about doing this forever and not just by herself, not just as a pop star like she has talked about a thousand times in the past, but this, right here, with Andre.
Rating: pg
Word Count: 3,900
Disclaimer: I don't own Victorious, the characters or anything related. Title comes from "All I Want IS Everything."
Author's Note: Written for saycomfychairs who prompted me with post-concert, adrenaline fueled makeouts and got something not quite...that. But I've been trying to write Tori/Andre for ages and finally! Also, it is probably pretty clear I know next to nothing about how the music industry operates.

They’re performing at a teenager’s birthday party and it reminds Tori of when they were the Diddly Bops and how horrible that was with the costumes and the dancing.Collapse )
Title: Sour in the Summer Heat
Pairing/Characters: Mini McGuinness/Liv Malone
Summary: She laughs quietly and Mini imagines the air is so thick it swallows the sound, leaving the room caked in silence. She imagines it also swallows her thoughts, the ones she doesn't want Liv to know about, that she takes and tucks behind her eyelids, only entertaining them when the moon's shining through the window, casting shadows on the walls.
Rating: pg
Word Count: 2,400
Disclaimer: I don't own Skins, the characters or anything related, although Jamie Brittain thinks I'm "Charming." Title from The Hush Sound's "Crawling Towards the Sun."
Author's Note: written the ladyloves comment ficathon prompt i like it when you talk about love, you always were my favorite drug, even when we used to take drugs.

Mini rolls over, kicking her feet in the air, elbows on brand new bubblegum pink duvet, cheeks in palm, fingers spread over skin.Collapse )
Title: Codename: Boogie Nights
Pairing/Characters: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Summary: He wants to smile across the line and tell Louis he loves him and that it’s okay if Louis doesn’t want to find a way to meet up, it’s okay if Louis doesn’t miss him the same way, it’s okay if they don’t see each other until they see the other guys. He wants to do that more than anything else if it’ll make Louis happy. But he’s tired and the sun in California is too bright and it burns, makes his skin itchy and his head pound. Date Night fic.
Rating: R
Word Count: 4,900
Disclaimer: This is an entirely fictional interpretation of events that probably never happened. I don't own One Direction because if I did they'd get longer breaks and better songwriters, etc.
Author's Note: I have no current plans to lock this shit down, but please remember that the fourth wall exists for a reason, and that reason is beneficial to everyone ever.

Thanks so much to saycomfychairs for all the encouragement, for yelling at me to write and for looking over the roughest of drafts. This would still be a couple hundred words on my computer with no chance of seeing the light of day without you. And thanks to aragons for being the best beta and for making sure I didn't make any massive mistakes while writing British lads.

Management sits them down before the break.Collapse )